Communicating sustainability: How to make it work for you

Sustainability is not a badge that you can simply pin on your lapel. It’s a commitment, that pays off long term and on many levels. There is no doubt that acting responsibly benefits both the environment and our future, and this has prompted legislators to demand responsible action from companies. Not only large corporations, but also SMEs are called upon to provide information about their corporate social responsibility and to demonstrate their conscientious treatment of the environment, their customers, employees and stakeholders.

While sustainability is increasingly seen as a corporate responsibility, there are immediate economic advantages. According to the Federal Environment Agency, German citizens are spending more and more money on green products. For example, in 2011, sales for environmentally friendly mobility amounted to 27.2 billion euros. In 2017, this figure rose to 46.7 billion euros.* The corona crisis is likely to intensify this trend. For at a time when many people are retreating into their own homes and focus on the basics, the desire for strong social values is growing. Equally, products that demonstrate social responsibility beyond their practical benefit in an ever more complex world are gaining popularity. At the same time, job seekers are increasingly looking for sustainability within a company making it vital for the Employer Branding to practice and cultivate these values.

It shows that businesses and brands – large corporations and small companies – who are committed to sustainability can reap real benefits from effectively communicating their position to the public. And this is where we step in. We develop solutions that make sustainability tangible and thus offer our clients added value. The official sustainability report is proving an important tool in this respect, alongside the more conventional annual report. For example, for German organic lemonade pioneer Bionade we have created the second sustainability report in succession. The result gives its informative character an exciting framework and inspires readers to find out more. Of course, we’re also committed to sustainability on our doorstep – starting with commuting to the office by bicycle. We strive for resource-saving, CO2-neutral production and distribution methods. To this end, we cooperate with a production company and local printing houses that are certified with the ‘Blue Angel’ and use mineral oil-free and low-pollutant plant-based printing inks where possible.

VAN OMMEN visuelle Kommunikation offers the entire package - from the initial idea, concept, copy and layout through to production. Whether it’s a small brochure, a comprehensive report or a concise online solution - we would be delighted to support your next sustainability project!

Bionade sustainability report 2018-19
Sustainability report Hassia Mineralquellen 2017/18
Bionade sustainability report 2016/17